The modern pace of life changes our habits, but it does not change our taste buds. They always like natural, clean tastes, and Slovenian forests are known as the most diverse and healthy game. Only such game and careful processing can offer quality raw materials to prepare dishes with them. Dishes that smell like unspoiled nature smell the riches of our country and spoil both the spoiled and the unpretentious. The boundless love of hunting and venison culinary specialties led an experienced butcher to create a plant in a small valley on the outskirts of the Kočevje forests that in his vision seeks to offer and supply the consumer with quality Slovenian venison and dried venison specialties.

We supply game and game on our own, as we buy game directly from hunting families and breeding grounds, and in our establishment, which is under constant veterinary control, we process, vacuum and freeze it.

The manufacturing activity also includes its own production of dried and pasteurised venison specialties.

Employees of the plant are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the best quality of venison meat and venison products.